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ECT Students and Their Promising Projects

ECT Students and Their Promising Projects

20 May 2016

ECT students’ graduation projects are considered a critical turning point in their lives, and they can be invested to attract new students to the college’s new departments, the thing that demands great collective, patient efforts. Such departments include Radio and TV and Journalism at the Media College in Al Bateen. The Media college has been striving to upgrade the departments and enroll new, ambitious students. This requires students’ willing to join the specialization first as well as their hard work to improve their skills through vocational study directed by their professors at the college.

Consequently, students can be ready to join the labor market in modern media institutions which guarantee them a promising career future that helps them achieve their ambitions, succeed and develop.

In this regard, the festival that has took place lately is but one of the fruits of those projects which were discussed in the media campus under supervision of Dr. Ali Rabeiaat (head of the committee) and Dr. Mohammad Fayyad and Dr. Faisal Kamel (members).

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