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ECT Students Visit Masdar Institute

ECT Students Visit Masdar Institute

02 Oct 2016

Student Affairs organized a visit to Masdar Institute for students of “Human and Environment” class. The visit was coordinated with Dr. Mayha Ali, for the purpose of connecting the educational material with available practical applications at the institute; namely, the variable renewable energy sources.

Students learnt about the use of “solar energy” as an alternative for the environment enemy, non-renewable energy “Fossil fuels”. They also learnt how to create an environmentally friendly city besides to marketing and applying these techniques and similar ones in the areas of renewable energy.

It is worth saying that the institute adds to Abu Dhabi achievements in the field of protecting the environment and the world in general, as well as upgrading Abu Dhabi city to be an international center of excellence and quality in the renewable energy sector and non-polluting techniques.

Concluding the visit, Mr. Islam Hisham, the student councilor, gave Prof. Hector Hernandez ECT’s trophy to appreciate the institute’s outstanding efforts in the field of alternative and renewable energy.

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